Things Take a Túrin For the Worse

Meaghan. (formerly celegormthefair). Fëanorian. Cosplayer. Rower. Art Student. Gryffindor. 7/7 would kinslay.

Film & fashion student located in Boston. Interests include clothes, burning ships, x-men, illustration, dead elves, guardians of the galaxy, and badass comic ladies.

Basically my blog is cosplay, Marvel, fashion and the Silmarillion.

Groot in Rocket Raccoon #1

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More Marvel Comics Art of Sara Pichelli


AMAZING! I need a print!

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if you tickle me it’s either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence

Derpy doge

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if you ever feel like talking shit about ginny weasley please sit down, take a deep breath, imagine your eleven year old self being posessed by the darkest wizard of all time aka lord fucking voldemort and don’t ever talk shit about ginny weasley

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