The Fëanorians Send Their Regards

Meaghan. Professional elf.

Full time nerd and fashion student located in Boston.

Interests include clothes, Marvel comics, illustration, music, costume design, the Silmarillion, and cosplay. 7/7 would kinslay.

Mostly and asshole but not 100% a dick.

(Formerly: celegormthefair)


Natasha sends the cutest texts!! (sorry the pictures are so small - full view them to read the writing!)


Gwen & Babs sketch, by Sara Pichelli.

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It was time… for an All-New Thor.
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I like over the head headphones because I can just hang them on my neck and turn up the music and it’s like having my own personal Marcus Mumford following me around quietly singing to me without having anything near my ears


So, I am not usually comfortable wearing just a tanktop, but I figured for Natasha I could try it, and I freaking love this photo. <3 

Natasha Romanoff | Silhouette Cosplay


the biggest unanswered question in comics: what in the fuck is the black part of crystal amaquelins hair

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Star-Lord pants progress. They fit!
There’s a lot of little details on here that no ones ever gonna notice but that make me happy so…
Now onto the belt!

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GotG challenge bonus 3 / Reto GotG bonus 3:

Ko-Rel / Nova 0001

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